How In The Hell Is Terrell Owens Not A Hall Of Famer


HOLD THE F*&@ UP. How in the world did Terrell Owens not get into the Hall of Fame? This year it should have been a slam dunk. There wasn’t one player inducted into the Hall of Fame this year who had a better resume. Not one. I’m sorry but the way these Hall of Fame Inductions have been going the past few years in Football and Baseball, I’m starting to question the credibility of the people in the room.

This years Hall of Fame class is less than stellar. 

Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2017

Inductee Pos Team Years
Morten Andersen K Saints, Falcons, Giants, Chiefs, Vikings 1982-2007
Terrell Davis RB Broncos 1995-2001
Kenny Easley S Seahawks 1981-1987
Jerry Jones Owner Cowboys 1989-Present
Jason Taylor DE Dolphins, Washington, Jets 1997-2011
LaDainian Tomlinson RB Chargers, Jets 2001-2011
Kurt Warner QB Rams, Giants, Cardinals 1998-2009

When you look at this list, there is only one name on there that warrants a first ballot selection and even then it’s questionable as to whether LaDainian Tomlinson would have even expected to get in on the first ballot.

Interestingly, former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue did not make it into the Hall of Fame, with reports suggesting he came up just one vote short of the honor. In an era of the NFL where there are more people questioning Roger Goodell than ever before, Tagliabue’s reign over the NFL has taken on a new meaning.

You could argue that the list of finalists who did not make it this year were more impressive candidates than the guys who did. I’m really disappointed that the committee decided to pursue this in the way that they did. How do you leave guys like Brian Dawkins, Joe Jacoby, and Terrell Owens off the list.

This bring many questions and raises many doubts. I’m confused. Not sure what these guys who were voting were looking at but it’s obvious it wasn’t football.

3 thoughts on “How In The Hell Is Terrell Owens Not A Hall Of Famer

  1. eddiestarofficial February 7, 2017 / 10:55 am

    Me and my brother were talking about this the other day. Its politics, this guy is for damned sure a hall of famer, but politics, smh.

  2. Tareau Barron February 12, 2017 / 1:04 am

    T.O. is not in because he doesn’t kiss anyone’s ass. That’s why I can’t stand those ESPN d-bags because they ruin a lot of athletes careers. Can you picture them at Bristol at dinner tallying how many careers they have ruined? “Oh I dint vote for him because he flaked on my charity golfing event!”

    • Joe Simmons February 12, 2017 / 8:58 am

      Yeah. Its sad. I know 3 guys with votes and 2 voted for him and one didn’t. His reason for not voting for him made no sense. But its the business.

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